Helpful Tips On Painting A Wooden Summer House

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A summer house is an important place that can be used in many ways ranging from home office to guest room. So, you need to maintain it properly and should update its walls from time to time with quality paint.

Painting a timber house is a great way to bring colour into your outdoor space. From the modern country to shabby chic, you can make the most of your investment by protecting the log cabin.

Here are some tips on painting a wooden summer house.

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Painting Preparation

For most summer houses, log cabins, and log offices, you need preparation before you start painting. Before applying the fresh coat of paint on timber, prepare it by removing uneven surfaces and by applying primer on it.

Also, coat the end grains of wood that are under the doors to prevent the water from soaking. Priming the knots of the timber to prevent the resin from moving out.

It is very important, especially for the ceiling and the walls. With this, the walls of the summer house will absorb the paint evenly and looks beautiful as well.


Treat your log house with impregnation, which provides an undercoat for both inside and outside the house. It will protect the summer house from fungi, rot, and harmful UV rays as well.

When you apply the undercoat, all the crannies and nooks will get a protective coating and increase the life of the summer house. For impregnating, you will get a choice in colours and types like liquid or spray.

Choosing The Right Paints

The timber house to be exposed to a variety of weather conditions, therefore choose the paint accordingly. Choose the colour that reflects your personality and improves the overall look of the exterior and the interior of the time house. Also, make sure the paint is heatproof, waterproof, and non-toxic.

Mistakes To Avoid

  • Do not wash the rollers

Try to avoid washing brush until you finish the timber painting completely. Instead, wrap the painting brush or roller in tin foil and place it in the fridge. This will protect the paint from drying out, and you can easily continue with it the next day.

  • Never remove the tape before the paint is dry

First, cover the edges of the door and windows with tape and do not remove them until the paint is dry.

If you remove the tape before the paint is dry, then it may stain the wall and damage the finish. Also, when you remove the tape, do not pull it off as it may flake the dried paint. Remove it slowly and carefully.


Final Words

If you have a wooden house and want to upgrade its exterior, then take help from the above tips to paint it. By painting the log cabin with quality products, you can improve its look and life as well.

Further, with the right wood paint, you can create a beautiful looking summer house that can be used for years by you and your generation.

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